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Nursery Furniture

Once you know the baby is on the way, the list of things to do never seems to stop growing. One of first things to think about is the nursery, as getting it ready in time for the birth of your child is far from an overnight job.

Rather than leaving it all to the last minute and causing even more unnecessary stress for yourself, the key is planning ahead and making sure you have all the furniture you need in time.

Building a nursery is always ongoing as your little one continues to grow. The image of the room is slowly shaped to reflect their changing personality, so you shouldn’t put too much pressure on yourself to get everything immediately right.

While you may start off with a neutral tone and a simple cot, time quickly flies by and before you know it they are running round your legs picking up anything that isn’t nailed down! The nursery will become a place not only for rest, but to learn and play and you’ll want that shown in the furniture you place inside.

You’ll find a great combination of that in our JCB set below. The best place to start is with the ongoing battle that will seemingly never end – making sure the bedroom is tidy! The Kidsaw 9 Bin Storage unit offers plenty of room to keep Lego, action figures, puzzles and much more, which will prove to be invaluable as more presents and gifts are accumulated over the years.

Likewise, the JCB bookcase is strong and sturdy to survive the little one hurtling around the place, while keeping all their reading books and school exercise material together. An added bonus is, as they grow older, you can change the design with one lick of paint. Or, if you have another one on the way, it can be used all over again.

The JCB Easel offers a combined use of learning and fun, giving them a blank canvas to get creative and for you to sit down together and learn basic alphabet and numbers.

If they really want to have fun with their imagination, then the Kidsaw Patisserie Playbox and Playbox Kitchen lets them get truly creative. These are bright and cheerful ways for them to get to grips with food and cooking while still focusing on play.

Table and chair furniture compliments the Playbox range, so they can sit down with their imaginary food and cups of tea and throw their own dinner party! We have the Patisserie Table & Chair set, Safari table and stools, or the Speed Racer table for the boys.

From storage, to seating and fun times, we have tried to think of everything you need at Price Crash Furniture. Rather than put yourself through the hassle of visiting countless kids furniture shops on the High Street, it makes far more sense to order it fast and effectively with us online.

Delivery is also free, which is important to remember as a parent, because every penny counts!

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