Bed frames are an essential piece of furniture that you can buy for your bedroom for several reasons. So from a decorating standpoint, the bed frame is an important thing to consider when choosing your bedroom decor.

When choosing a bed, be sure to consider the floor space available in your bedroom. If you choose a frame that is too big, you’ll get over power the room visually, plus you won't have much space for other pieces of furniture such as a dresser or chest. Also, you won't be able to move around the room comfortably.

Not only should you consider the available floor space, but you should also decide on how high you want your mattress to sit on the frame. Some frames are made for box springs and a mattress, while others are designed for a mattress only. Remember that choosing the correct frame also protects the type of mattress and mattress set with box springs that you may have.

Be sure to choose the right size bed frame as well. If you aren't sure, measure your mattress before you purchase the frame you want to make sure it will fit. Lastly, if you need to select a bed that matches a dresser and chest that you already have, make sure that the style matches. Remember that the bed frame is the most important design element in your room, so whatever you choose should stand out as the piece of furniture that sets the style for the entire room.

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