Why everyone’s talking about the Corona Mexican style pine furniture range

The team at Price Crash Furniture has been drawn to the look of Mexican style furniture for quite some time. It’s not just us that thinks it’s a beautiful look for any home, though, as top interior designers are also going crazy for a bit of Mexican old-world charm and modernism. If you’ve seen or heard of Mexican inspired furnishing designs, then you’ll probably already know that it’s becoming a leading choice for homeowners all around the globe too. But why is everyone falling head over heels for Mexican style furniture? We think it has a lot to do with its stunning appearance. Our very own Corona Mexican style pine furniture range is a big seller among interior designers and customers alike, so let’s find out why so many are choosing the Mexican way for different rooms in their homes. The living room What better place to start then in one of the most used rooms in the home than in the living room? One of the most defining characteristics of Mexican furniture is the emphasis on natural materials. That’s why pine is such a popular furniture material for the living room and all other living spaces. The Corona Mexican style furniture range is built up of solid pine designs to go perfectly with any décor. Whether it be a bookcase, TV unit, a nest of tables, stool, coffee table, sideboard or lamp table, our beautifully crafted collection brings rustic glamour to even the grandest of homes. The kitchen With traditional Mexican looking furniture so high in demand, it’s easy to see why Price Crash Furniture is so excited about the Corona range. Our wooden chairs and a dining table add the Mexican touch people are trying to create in the kitchen. The Corona cabinets and faux leather stools are also a must for those revamping the kitchen into a Mexican paradise. It’s the natural pine finishes that transport you to the land of Native Americans and old culture that gives our stylish furniture collection such mass appeal. The dining room The one area that brings the whole family together for a meal is, of course, the dining room. Comfortable seating made out of rustic pine wood can make any dining room décor feel authentic and Mexican. The main reasons why people and designers are choosing furniture from the Corona collection for the dining room is because it is durable, sophisticated and provides a soothing ambience with a Mexican theme. A splash of Southwest style and bags of functionality can make any home look alive and truly unique. The hallway No two hallways are ever the same. These days, people put whatever they like in their corridor space to suit their needs. Mexican style furniture encompasses a wide variety of influences and effortless charm, so it’s no wonder why an abundance of individuals and families are trying to capture this look in their homes. The majority of our customers want to match their hallway with the rest of their Mexican theme and opt for low bookcases, storage trunks and small drawer chests from the Corona pine furniture range. We hope we’ve inspired you to spice up your home with Mexican design. Don’t forget - you can shop the Corona Mexican style pine furniture range online at Price Crash Furniture today.
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