Solid oak furniture has been in demand for many years. Whether it be the living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen or hallway, oak furnishings can give your home a contemporary or traditional feel and make or break the look of your interiors. If you’re looking for oak furniture that looks as elegant as ever for years to come, Price Crash Furniture has the collection for you. Thanks to its beauty, long use benefits and quality, the popularity of our Lansdown oak furniture range is increasing big time. One of the best things about oak furniture is that it will work with any décor theme. To get you started on the right track, we’ve shared some tips on mastering the top oak trends and ensuring your décor style can be made even more sophisticated with oak. The contemporary edge Being one of the most hard-wearing and robust woods out there, the use of oak within a home is a fabulous idea. There are also some really modern ways you can incorporate it, especially if the traditional country look isn’t your thing. For example, a solid wood sideboard or blanket box combined with a wall mounted coat rack from our Lansdown range will transform your hallway into a contemporary haven. The key here is to keep it minimal for that contemporary edge. Your bathroom can also benefit from a single or double door cabinet with mirror, which will look great when you team it with colourful tiles to remove oak from its traditional use. A small nest of tables combined with TV stand for the living room and cupboard with bedside cabinet for the bedroom should also be just enough to continue the contemporary oak theme throughout your home. Traditional country chic Here at Price Crash Furniture, we love oak beams but understand that not all homes come with such striking features. With items from our Lansdown collection, you can still create that traditional country chic look without a real oak beam in sight. For starters, we have a stunning oak piece for every corner of your living room. From TV stands, bookcases and DVD racks to lamp tables and wall mirrors, you have many options to choose from. The little details really make a big difference too, making our Lansdowne magazine rack a perfect addition to your living room space. For a typical farmhouse style bedroom, you can really go all-out with a Lansdown oak headboard, medium cupboard, bedside unit, full-length cheval mirror, dressing table and blanket box. Our stunning bench is also great for kitchens, dining rooms and at the end of a bed to give you more areas to seat your family and guests. Rustic paradise It isn’t a surprise that so many interior designers and homeowners love the rustic look. Although similar to country décor, rustic chic is the perfect blend of farmhouse charm, natural warmth and organic materials. The rustic look is basically a combination of appealing and sustainable furniture and accessories, and an interior theme that will never go out of style. Lucky for you, it’s easy to blend indoor design with nature with pieces from our Lansdown oak furniture collection. The main idea is to use as much oak as possible in every room to achieve a rustic paradise, and you can’t go wrong with all the pieces from our popular range. However, you’ll need to carefully choose accessories and fabrics that fit in with our oak products to ensure your furniture stands out. Avoid metals and frills to keep the scheme strong and attractive. Authentic light fixtures and scented candles will contribute to the homely atmosphere you’re trying to create, as well as any colours that are rustic in nature. From contemporary and traditional to rustic décor bliss, our Lansdown oak furniture range provides you with it all and more. Check out the full collection online now at Price Crash Furniture
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