Every living room needs a coffee table, and your home is no different. That said, your living room is a space where your family comes together to relax, so your furniture needs to meet the demands of family life. Even if you live alone, your lounge needs to be functional for everyday use, relaxation and welcoming visitors. That’s why you must choose a coffee table that provides you with more than just a space to place your mugs and cups whenever you need a caffeine fix.

At Price Crash Furniture, we stock the 4 You Coffee Table Set that offers flexibility and a modern Sonama oak design. It’s also rather affordable compared with identical solutions from leading UK furniture brands, making us competitive and a smart choice for all your furniture requirements. But what else makes our coffee table so great? We’ve taken the time to explain in more detail.

Eye-catching focal point

When designing your living room, you need to create a space that gives your eyes a place of focus when entering the room. Great news. Our 4 You Coffee Table is a statement piece that can be used as a centrepiece in your living area. Whether you choose to build your design around your new table or are looking for that one eye-catching item of furniture to enhance your existing scheme, our wide coffee table with a spacious shelf is the perfect solution.

That said, you can still place the 4 You Coffee Table at the side of your living room and achieve a distinguished look for your home. Offering beautifully rounded edges and a Sonama oak melamine finish, you can also store all your small living room items on the handy shelf. Whatever way you choose to display your coffee table, it’s sure to end up being a real show piece.

Create some calm

Furniture made from wood provides you with more than just modern, rustic charm. Our 4 You Coffee Table is made from Sonama oak and can help you to create a calming environment and a peaceful sanctuary within your home. Living rooms should be all about relaxation and that one space you go to wind down from a hard day. The warmth of earthy tones like oak is incredibly relaxing and ideal for perfecting a soothing mood.  

Even if your living room is small, you can still create some calm with our 4 You Coffee Table. The neutral finish gives a sense of tranquillity and makes your space feel homely too. It offers ample table top and shelf room to give the rest of the room lots of free space.

Unbelievably popular

Unlike your normal coffee table design, our 4 You Coffee Table comes with a wide shelf. You basically get a coffee table and storage area all in one, which is perfect for homes of all shapes and sizes. From giving you a spot to lay mugs, keys, books, lamps and all those essential items to providing your guests with a table for drinks and food, this table makes everyday living and occasional entertaining so much easier.

With so much flexibility, it isn’t hard to see why our unique coffee table is so popular with property owners across the UK. We’ve even sold this product to people looking for a handy table for offices and staff room areas. The stunning oak finish and timeless design are just added bonuses.

Check out the 4 You Coffee Table available at Price Crash Furniture now and be sure to make it a permanent fixture in your home.  

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