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Many bedroom trends come and go out of fashion, which can make decorating your bedroom a difficult decision. Do you commit to a trend when it might go out of style in a few months? Which can often leave you with the decorating itch to change your furniture again, but this can become an expensive and laborious task if you change too often.

Instead, why not commit to a set of furniture with timeless elegance? A collection of furniture that will never go out of fashion, nor will you ever want to change it. It’s just that beautiful.

One such collection is Arabella, a set of pine furniture that has been painted for an elegant and romantic white finish.

Timeless Elegance

Ideal bedroom furniture is one that combines functionality with timeless elegance. But what does timeless elegance mean? Well, for one, it means that no matter the decade or the trends that fill home magazines, your Arabella furniture will still feel modern and beautiful in your bedroom.

White is also a particularly romantic colour, making it perfect for the bedroom. Dreamy and relaxing, you can lie back and fall into a peaceful slumber beside your new bedroom furniture. Even better, white is an ideal colour for a bedroom as it leaves you with a lot of legroom for how you decorate the rest of the room.

If you like a subtle bedroom, the white Arabella collection would look beautiful against soft pastels and silky greys. You can then add opulent cushions and throws to really add to the luxury appeal. For colour fans, the Arabella collection is just as suited to bold colours. The white paint will stand up against bold colour choices and feature walls with eye-catching wallpaper designs.

This versatility makes the collection easy to work with, so if you like to change the colours in your bedroom regularly, your Arabella furniture will continue to suit your bedroom.

Functionality Meets Design

The versatility of the Arabella collection doesn’t end with its colour, though. This is also a set of functional furniture, which offers plenty of storage and use.

Notably, there is a stunning console table that can be used in a multitude of ways. Adding a mirror above this console would turn it into a gorgeous dressing table. All you would need is a chair or a pouffe and you’ll be able relax here doing your hair and make-up.

Also available are numerous chest of drawers options, from tall to wider sets, which will fit into any size of room. Including all those nooks and crannies that so often are left unutilised leaving you with plenty of storage. There’s even a useful storage box that would be ideal at the end of a bed or in front of a window.

It’s also important to note that the Arabella collection comes fully assembled, so you don’t need to spend any time assembling it. Instead, order your furniture and then sit back and relax as it gets delivered to your home.

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