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Just because they are the smallest people in the family; your children shouldn’t have to cope with second rate furniture. That is where the Holiday Series available from Price Crash Furniture is ideal.

This range of furniture is designed with kids in mind and not only provides inventive storage solutions but also is original and beautiful in its design.

One of the first things that you will notice about the Holiday range here at Price Crash Furniture is that it is available in neutral colourings; ideal for when you want furniture that can grow, change and adapt as your child does.

Not only this but every piece is extremely high in quality meaning that it will definitely stand the test of time, no matter what your children throw at it.

In fact, the Holiday pieces are made from laminate that is resistant to scratching, damage, moisture and even high temperatures; meaning that it is perfect for resistant those sticky finger marks and accidental spillages.

Now, with such great quality you would expect the Holiday pieces to cost the Earth? Well here at Price Crash Furniture we have a surprise for you, we are proud to offer these pieces at a low price.

This means that you can have the perfect furniture solution for your kids bedroom, all without breaking the bank or having to accept low quality furniture.

It isn’t only bedroom furniture that Holiday can create, in fact they also cover a variety of other furniture needs of your home. Ideal for those kids that might want to create more of a social space.

Under desk storage, coffee tables and even the desk itself; no matter what it is that you want or need, Holiday can make it for you.

If you decide to order through Price Crash Furniture then you will receive our high quality customer service and a reliable delivery as well as your brand new furniture solution. What more could you want?

Tempted to invest in a beautiful new piece of furniture for your kids bedroom or any other room in your house? If you are then make sure that you take a look through the great Holiday range available on the Price Crash Furniture site.

With the perfection combination of truly amazing quality all at a budget friendly, remarkable price, you would be hard pressed to find a better furniture solution for your home. 

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