Traditionally, we think of bedroom furniture as being bare wood, which is classic and beautiful. However, if you’d like something a little different, grey is both modern and incredibly versatile.

Take the Lilith collection, which is painted in a slate grey. Here your furniture is made in a strong wood, but the finish is more unusual from your regular bedroom furniture due to its colour. Many people can be put off by a coloured set of furniture, as they are worried about getting bored of this colour. However, this shouldn’t be a worry here.

Just like a wood finish, grey can be set against numerous bedroom colours. It works particularly well with neutral backdrops mixed with bright splashes of colour.

The Lilith collection all comes fully assembled (wonderful news for those who hate to put furniture together), and here’s a closer look at what’s available:

Single Pedestal Dressing Table

Incredibly versatile, this dressing table can be used for purpose but could also easily be transformed into a desk for a student or teenager’s room. If you do plan to use it for a dressing table, all you’ll need to add is a mirror – either a wall mirror or one that will sit on your Lilith table.

Ideally, there are three drawers in this dressing table. Perfect for hiding away all your lotions and potions. Or, if you plan to use your desk as a desk, these drawers could be used to store textbooks and writing materials.

Two Drawer Wardrobe

When decorating a spare room, it’s likely that you won’t have large, fitted wardrobes. This is where your Lilith wardrobe comes in. Enough storage for a guest or for a teenager’s room, this wardrobe has one fitted robe handle, where you can hang all your clothes.

There’s even a handy drawer at the bottom that allows you to store more clothes, making the most of the space in your bedroom.

Chest of Drawers          

The Lilith collection is versatile when it comes to drawers, with four different options that includes a 3 + 3 drawer, shaker style 5-drawer, 4-drawer and narrow 5-drawer. This gives you tonnes of storage options for any size of bedroom. If you can, mix and match two or three of these chest of drawers, as this will give you plenty of places to store all your clothes and belongings.

In particular, the narrow 5-drawer gives you a lot of storage for a small amount of floor space. You can even transform this unit into your own dressing space by adding a mirror to one side. The drawers can then be used to hideaway all your make-up or styling products.

Ottoman Storage Chest

If storage is your number one priority, then you can’t go wrong with the Lilith ottoman. Ideal for adding to the end of the bed or in front of a window. This chest has ample storage, allowing you keep bulky items like towels away from sight. You could even use it as a laundry box or for storing toys in a child’s bedroom.

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