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Richmond Grey

The Only Shade of Grey You’ll Ever Want – Introducing the Richmond Grey Collection 

Do you want a grey bedroom? Are you tired of grey equals boring associations in home décor circles? Well, one great grey bedroom concept would be to utilise the Richmond Grey collection within your bedroom space design efforts.

Our stylish and elegant Richmond Grey collection can help provide your sleeping spaces with a cool, neutral and balanced grey effect that can help offer design and aesthetic purpose for your own unique bedroom space endeavours.

UK Price Crash’s Richmond Grey collection provides a timeless and sophisticated touch for any boudoir space. The Richmond Grey ensemble provides functional yet graceful furnishings that can help turn a bedroom into an oasis of calm and comfort.

The Richmond Grey collection, in its entirety, includes the following furniture pieces:

The Richmond Grey collection can provide a cooler, chicer and ultimately timeless addition to your bedroom. The light grey and pine colouring of the Richmond Grey collection can help give your bedroom that much-desired glamorous edge.

The Richmond Grey also provides your bedroom space with a much-needed injection of cosiness by providing warm aesthetic value to your room’s wider grey colour scheme choices. This can help make your new Richmond Grey bedroom feel inviting and warm whilst providing a neutral and comfortable look for yourself and anyone else lucky enough to visit your boudoir to enjoy?

The individual collection also helps to promote harmonious design values. By utilising the Richmond Grey dressing table with accessories such as a mirror, one can help boost the natural light available in your room – the reflection of inward light can help create a light and spatial experience (regardless of the size of the room).

Furthermore, the Richmond Grey bedroom collection can provide unlimited functionality. Design aesthetics aside, the pure functional and utilitarian use can help provide a plethora of storage solutions.

The Richmond Grey collection includes, for example, the Ottoman chest, the wardrobe top boxes along with the bedside cabinets all of which can help provide useful storage solutions whilst simultaneously helping to promote a minimalist feel overall. You can clutter your storage spaces, whilst presenting minimalist grey furnishings and accessories within a beautiful grey bedroom space.

Why not visit Price Crash Furniture’s Richmond Grey page today to buy your unique Grey and Pine Bedroom Furnishings? We provide stunning designs direct from manufacturers worldwide. We are a Yorkshire company who put people first – you can try our fancy webstore, or you can use the good old fashioned telephone. Why not call us on 01964 631 815 to order your Richmond Grey collection today?



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