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Artificial Plants and Flowers enhance any office space or home with greenery that makes no mess, doesn’t drop leaves and doesn’t attract insects. Modern pieces are so realistic that you have to look closely to see the difference between them and the real thing, although for indoors there are many advantages to Artificial Plants and Flowers. No mud equals no mess; they’re so easy to move around and, if accidentally dropped, they will leave no mess. Their tough construction means that minor accidents are easily sustained and damage is very unlikely. They wipe clean easily and without dropping leaves, there will be no gaps in foliage. These Artificial Plants and Flowers will look good for many years and will enhance your décor, no matter the style your home or workspace.

Available in this are various sizes of:

Artificial Banana Tree, Artificial Banyan Tree, Artificial Calathea Veitchiane Plant, Artificial Double Trunk Yucca Tree, Artificial Dracaena marginata tree, Artificial Dracaena Plant, Artificial Evergreen Tree, Artificial Fan Palm Tree (Washingtonia Palm), Artificial Ficus Tree, either with a Natural Trunk or Twisted Trunk, Artificial Ficus Tree with Topiary Mini Leaves, Artificial Ficus Tree with Variegated Leaves, Artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree, Artificial Rubber Ficus (Ficus Elastica), Artificial Cycas Cycad Tree, Artificial UV Resistant Boxwood Topiary Tree, Artificial Maple Tree, Artificial Drancaena, Artificial Sansweieria Plant, Artificial Money Bag Plant, Artificial Money Bag Tree, Artificial Monstera Plant, Artificial Cheese Plant, Artificial Mother in Law's Tongue Plant, Artificial Palm Tree, Artificial Philodendron Tree, Artificial Pineapple Tree, Artificial Pyramid Bay Tree Topiary, Artificial Rubber Plant, Artificial Sansweieria Plant, Artificial Single Trunk Yucca Tree, Artificial Small Succulent Pick, Artificial Taro Tree, Artificial Tung Oil Ball Tree, Artificial Variegated Ficus Ball Tree, Artificial Grass Topiary Tree, Autumn Beech Spray, Autumn Burgundy Hydrangea, Autumn Ruby Hydrangea, Autumn White Hydrangea, Autumn White Rose Spray, a Berry Bouquet, Bleached Faux Pampas Grass Stems, Blue Wildflower Bouquet, Blush Garden Rose, Blush Pink Flower Wall, Boston Large Potted Fern, Boxwood Spiral Topiary with Pot, a Branch Spray, Burgundy Peony Rose, Butter Pampas Grass, Butter Portland Rose, Cerise Peony, Cineraria Eucalyptus Spray, Closed White Protea, Cream Closed Rose Bud, Cream Cosmos Spray, Cream Gardenia Stem, Cream Pampas grass, Cream Ranunculus, Deep Purple Wedding Peony Rose Spray, Deep Red Rose, Deep Red Wedding Peony Rose Spray, Dried Grey Billy Ball Bunch Of 20, Dried Grey Bunny Tail Bunch Of 40, Dried lavender Bunch, Dried Mauve Billy Ball Bunch Of 20, Dried Orange Baby’s Breath Bunch, Dried Pale Pink Baby’s Breath Bunch, Dried Pale Pink Bunny Tail Bunch Of 40, Dried White Billy Ball Bunch Of 20, Dried White Bunny Tail Bunch Of 60, Dried White Wheat Bunch Of 20, Eastern Faux Bonsai Tree in Boxwood Style, Eastern Faux Bonsai Tree in Fir Tree style, Eryngium Blue Thistle, Eucalyptus Garland, Eucalyptus Leaf Spray in Green, Eucalyptus Nicholii Spray, Eucalyptus Spray, Eucalyptus Tree In Metallic Pot, Faux Pampas Grass Displays, Festive Holly Sprays With Berries, Festive Pearl Decorative Spray, Forget Me Not Spray, Forsythia, Giant Pink Hydrangea, Gold Fern Spray, Green Berry Spray, Green Branch Spray, Green Fern Bunch, Green Peony, Green Ranunculus Spray, Grey Faux Pampas Grass Stem, Grey Spray Rose Peony, Gunnii Eucalyptus Spray, Harmony White Potted Orchid, Hebe Globe Pot, Holly Spray, Lambs Ear Spray, Bamboo Spray, Large Frosted Eucalyptus Candle Wreath, Lavender Bushes and Sprays, Red Festive Berry Spray, Large Senecio String, Large Silver Pinecone Candle Holder, Large Stone Potted Orchid With Roots, Large Topiary Pyramid, Large White Garden Rose, Large White Orchid And Fern Garden In Rootball, Large White Orchid In Stone Pot, Lavender And Lily In Tin Pot, Lavender In Mini Dolly Tin, LED Copper Wire Spray Lights, Light Purple Long Stem Cosmos, Lilac Faux Pampas Grass Stem, Lush Pink Dahlia, Medium Faux Succulent In Glass Terrarium, Miniature Succulent In Glass Pot, Olive Spray, Onion Grass With Pot, Orange Stargazer Spray, Passion Flower Spray, Pastel Pink Portland Rose, Pastel Pink Ranunculus, Pastel Pink Tea Rose, Peach Camellia, Peach Meadow Flower, Peony Flower Wall, Peony Table Runner, Pink Closed Rose Bud, Pink Dahlia Flower Wall, Pink Fashion Peony, Pink Garden Rose, Pink Tea Rose, Potted Cacti and Succulent, Potted Fern, Potted Ivy House Plant, Potted White Hyacinth, Potting Shed Triple Plant Pot Shelf, Purple Tulips In Marble Pot, Purple Wildflower Spray, Pussy Willow Branch, Red Autumnal Viburnum, Sets of Succulents In Ceramic Pots With A Cubic Design or Gold Geometric Pots, Single Orchid Spray with Cream or White Flowers, Snow Pine Spray, Faux Succulent in Buddha Head Pot, Small Frosted Candle Wreath, Hebe Globe Pot, Spider Chrysanthemum, Stone Effect 3 Cherub Jardiniere or Bird Bath, Succulent In Glass Terrarium with Tea Light Holder, Taupe Faux Pampas Grass Stem, Variegated Green Venus Slipper, Variegated Leaf Spray, Vibrant Purple Viburnum Style Spray, White Gladioli, White Willow Spray, Wormwood Sprays and many more.

As you can see, we have ideal displays for every occasion or environment!