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Copenhagen / Aviemore / Scandi Dressing Table Stool Seat In Antique Style Lacquered Pine

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Copenhagen / Aviemore / Scandi Dressing Table Stool Seat In Antique Style Lacquered Pine

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Dressing tables and desks in the bedroom are one thing, being able to actually sit at them is quite another. The Dressing table stool seat from the Scandi furniture collection is one possible solution, and a very comfortable and affordable one at that. Elegance has clearly been given a starring role when it came to the design of this stool with the curvaceous and antique style lacquered pine legs taking centre stage.

When making use of your dressing table it only makes sense to be seated on something made for the purpose, rather than perching into a mirror from the edge of your bed across the room. Others still may bend or crouch down in order to make use of any mirror that may be on the dresser. An obvious answer is to position yourself so that you are at natural eye level, and not 10 feet away either.

This stylish and elegant Dressing table stool fits snugly under the dressing table when not in use, so as to not take up valuable floor space - something that is a commodity in any bedroom, regardless of size. The antique lacquered styling perfectly matches other furniture pieces in the range, notably the Scandi dressing table, so why not carry the theme throughout the bedroom and add to your collection.

  • Dimensions: W 390 x D 390 x H 455 mm

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