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KIDS World Pocket In Red

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KIDS World Pocket In Red

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KIDS World Pocket Red.

Combining fun, joyful patterns and durable, modern designs; Kids world accessory sets are designed to create the bed of your child’s dreams. With tents and tunnels, it’s not just a bedroom, it’s your child’s very own adventure playground. For parents, Kids World offers storage for any size of room; wardrobes, hanging pockets and under-bed storage units make the most of any space, meaning less mess, and more room for play time.

As a child, the only thing that made you regret battling it out for the top bunk was that you were up top, and all your toys were down on the bedroom floor/shelves. For parents the problem tend to be toys dropped from a height and ending up as permanent fixtures on the floor. Kids World pockets are here to save the day.

These sturdy storage pockets in hard-wearing fabric hang securely from the side of any mid to high range sleeper or bunk bed - ensuring every toy, plushies or other necessity is at hands reach for the lucky winner of the top bunk. At this affordable price, anyone can pick and mix Kids World accessories to create a designer look bedroom that their child will love.

This set of pockets are a light pink and yellow with a white top trim on a darker background, though they are available in a selection of colours, the choice is yours.  Why not match these pockets to their co-ordinated set of Kids World tunnel and tent? With the full set, you can turn your child’s bed into their own dream house, fort, or adventure hideaway


Any storage is always useful and this funky pocket addition is a perfect solution to pack away small items in easy reach for both the mid and high sleeper KIDS World beds. 

  • Size W 860 x H 290 mm



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