4 You Low Narrow Bookcase In Sonoma Oak

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A beautifully coloured bookcase is going to look great in any home and our Sonoma Oak grained, low lying bookcase is certainly no exception. Whatever the decor in your home, you can’t go wrong with Sonoma Oak. A perfect place to show off your DVD box sets, compact discs, video game cases or photographs this bookcase has a dozen uses and more. Do you have more than will realistically fit the case? Buy another and place it in a complementary part of the room to complete the visual effect.

With an adjustable shelf, the height of your items will not be an issue when you are thinking of what to display here. Even if you have a particularly tall item to display, the shelf can be removed entirely if required. Looking great and being practical with it!

Perhaps you are a plant lover? This bookcase, complete with adjustable shelf, is ideal for displaying potted plants. Even if your prefered variety enjoys a more humid environment you can still give them the care they need; because this bookcase is moisture and heat resistant, it is perfectly at home in the bathroom.

Any room, in fact, can benefit greatly from a low lying bookcase such as this as it makes such a great display unit. Next to a TV stand, armchair or two side by side - these bookcases look great anywhere.

Dimensions: Size W300 x H855 x D346 mm