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Recline In One Of Our Stylish And Comfy Armchairs

Our plush upholstered armchairs are the perfect way to relax after a long hard day at work. Whether you’re into stylish leather designs or prefer the comfort of one of our generously padded Zettle armchairs, we have something for everyone here at Price Crash Furniture. From elegant statement pieces through to soft and comfortable recliners, our armchairs can provide the perfect centrepiece for your living room.

Coordinating Your Armchair With The Rest Of Your Furniture

Choosing the right furniture for your living room suite is one of the most important steps to creating the perfect home. The lounge is the room you’re most likely going to spend your time in, and so any furniture you pick out should look good as well as being functional - i.e comfortable enough to sit on. Once you’ve chosen a sofa the next step is to turn your attention to the armchair. Size, style and texture are all important factors you need to think about, as well as making sure your furnishings compliment each other in a way that is easy on the eye. You may want to have a completely matching set of furniture or you may want to mix and match styles or textures. A fabric and leather furniture contrast can look stunning providing the items of furniture still compliment each other in some way. Light colours and darker tones can also work well together. For example black and white, navy blue and white, even yellow and purple are combinations that often go well. You may also wish to colour coordinate your armchair with other furnishings such as your curtains or a rug.

Consider Different Fabrics

Before settling on the perfect armchair, you will probably want to experiment with different fabrics and textures. Don’t forget to also consider your lifestyle needs when deciding on a fabric. If you have kids or pets, then leather is often a good option as it is easy to wipe and clean. If you don’t have any kids and want a luxurious, more sophisticated look then one of our stunning crushed velvet chairs may be the perfect choice for you. Whatever your needs, whether you simply want a comfy chair for reading or a classy looking statement piece to wow your guests, we have the ideal chair for you.