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Shelves are incredibly underused in a bedroom, with people not utilising their wall space by adding in some shelves. A simple shelf is an inexpensive and simple way to add design and style to what would otherwise be an unused space in your bedroom.

Here are some of the advantages that you can gain from using one of these shelving units in your bedroom:

1: It Adds Height to a Bedroom

It might seem counter-productive, but adding shelves to your bedroom walls can really add height to your walls. By placing simple shelves – such as these floating shelves – tapered up your wall, your eyes will follow these shelves, creating a sense of height that might not be there.

2: Useful for Hidden Storage

Shelves don’t just need to be for adding books to, you can also make use of shelves for hiding away some storage. Add a sturdy shelf to your wall, something similar to this Avon shelf, and then you can fill nice wicker baskets with items you’d like to hide away and store them on your shelf. Not only does this give you hidden storage, but by choosing a nice box or basket, you can add some more design to your bedroom.

This can also free up space in your bedroom, such as more floorspace for furniture or freeing up the top of the furniture you have so it looks less cluttered.

3: Show Your Personality

Shelves don’t need to just be about functionality, though. They are also a way to really show off your personality and fun side. By choosing a fun design, such as these Hudson cubes, you can show off some of your favourite ornaments or photo frames filled with memories. These types of shelves are ideal for adding splashes of colour to a room, too. So, if you have opted for a more neutral walls and furniture, use your shelves to add bright flowers, plants and accessories. This has many advantages, too, as you can easily swap and change the colours in order to change the décor of your bedroom.

If you have an unusual hobby, such as collecting figurines or perhaps you’re a home crafter, this can be a perfect way to show off this hobby.

4: Add Extra Functionality

Shelves also give the opportunity for extra functionality in your bedroom. For instance, you can turn your shelves into your own little dressing room. Put your shelves up, using the top for the likes of make-up, perfume or hair products. You can then customise your shelves by adding little hooks into the bottom. These could be used for light accessories, such as hanging scarves, belts or necklaces. For the men, you could use it as a place to keep your ties.

Whatever shelf option you choose, be sure to follow instructions carefully and ensure that any shelf you add to your walls is secured properly. You should also be careful about the weight of any objects or storage you add to these shelves, as over-stacking could be dangerous.