Planters, Plant Stands and Plant Pots

If you are naturally green fingered and love a bit of healthy green foliage around the house, or if you can't keep a plant alive but have perhaps ordered one of our stunning artificial plants instead - nothing sets either a faux or real plant off better than a gorgeous decorative planter.

Coming in all shapes and sizes, from small to medium to large planters, in single and multi planter combinations, our decorative plant pots are a great finishing touch for your house or flat. Who wants to look at those unsightly plastic orange or terracotta coloured pots you get plants in from the local garden centre? We're guessing not many people! Why not slip that basic plant pot into one of our beautiful planters instead? Brighten up your windowsill, shelf, balcony or decking with a brand new, quality planter. Whether you are looking for a classic or traditional style planter, or maybe something a bit more modern and contemporary, our plant pot selection is sure to delight.

A planter with legs on the bottom is a great idea in any home or garden. The legs raise the base from the floor or shelf, meaning no condensation gets trapped underneath, and that you won't end up with a large plant pot shaped dent in your carpet. A raised planter makes your plants easier to water and care for too as you don't have to bend down as low.

Our wall mounted ceramic planters in fun styles such as wellington boots add a cute and quirky touch to your space.

Our vintage styled glazed ceramic planters with floral and leaf artwork designs are frost resistant and can withstand being outside, even in the colder months of the year. Ideal for a sunny or shady deck or patio, they also look stunning indoors, in a hallway or conservatory for example.

What about displaying some different foliage or flowering plants in one of our planter sets? In twos or threes, these sets look lovely on a patio or windowsill. Or why not go full out and buy a multi-pot multi-tiered all-in- one planter for creating a luscious display of green?

Before ordering, please remember to check the dimensions provided for each planter, and measure your available space to ensure a perfect fit in your home or garden. Please also check the product description to see if a planter is suitable for outdoor use - where it is suitable, this is clearly mentioned.

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