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Wall shelves are essential for home offices and study spaces as they keep the room neat, organised and in order. If you are short on space, shelves are even more important as they help to avoid a cluttered look and are a chic substitute to piling books and folders on the floor.

As well as being super practical, wall shelving can be used in an aesthetic sense and offers the perfect place to display plants, lamps and ornaments. An efficient idea to get the most out of your shelving is to make use of its versatile purpose by combining books and magazines with pretty candles and interesting artefacts to create a fashionable and functional space.

At Price Crash Furniture we offer exceptionally made shelving designed to suit all types of homes. From ultra-modern, sleek designs that will look right at home in minimal spaces, to more rustic styles that will complement traditional studies, you’re sure to find a wall shelving unit that matches your taste.

Although our prices are low, we can guarantee high quality on all our designs. How do we do this? We order directly from the manufacturer and cut out the middle man to keep costs down. We only work with trusted brands that we’ve had relationships with for years, so you have peace of mind that all the brands we sell are genuine and respected.

If you’re refurnishing your entire study, why not check out the rest of our home office collections? From elegant desks and charming bookcases to modern laptop tables and practical cupboards, we offer a wide range of pieces that are perfect for decking out your entire room. Many of the designs match, therefore if you’re seeking a coherent and seamless space, team our shelves up with a couple of other matching pieces in our home office collection for a stylish and sophisticated look.

Finally, delivery is free so you can order as many things as you want and not have to worry about delivery costs! From design to customer service to free delivery, we’re dedicated to offering our shoppers the best experience possible.