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Cushions & throw pillows

Maybe you have a new sofa, armchair or chaise but it is missing that little something? How about a new cushion or two to finish off the look?

Or maybe you love your existing three piece suite but want to give it an updated look? Why not add a new cushion or two?

Give your bed that extra inviting feel with a couple of squishy cushions. Perfect for propping you up to read your novel before sleeping.

Our amazing choice of comfy, sumptuous cushions here at Price Crash Furniture add both style and comfort to your settee, chair or bed.

Made from soft yet hardwearing fabrics, and adorned with a range of decorations from metallic elements, to tassels to printed images, words and more, there is sure to be a cushion or two for you in the collection. With all colours of the rainbow represented, whatever your home decoration theme is like, there will be a cushion here that will blend in beautifully.

Our cushions are made from fabrics such as cotton and polyester, meaning there is no chance for feather allergies or worries about animal welfare here!

One of the best things about our cushions, is that they are not on the high street! With our cushions, you're sure to have something different to your friends, family and co-workers that will make them say "oh that is lovely, where did you get it?"

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