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Working on that all-important project is easier if the chair you’re using is comfortable. Our collection of stools and draughtsman chairs are ergonomically built for excellent support and practical use in the home office or in the workplace.

At Price Crash Furniture, we believe you shouldn’t have to compromise on comfort and style. Our catalogue is made up of only the best quality chairs for competitive prices.

Available in a versatile selection of classic, minimal and chic styles, our stools and draughtsman chairs are designed for maximum support of the back and neck. Style is just as important as comfort, particularly if you’re integrating your seating option into a room with a specific colour scheme or ambiance. We have ensured that our range is varied enough to offer many colour options for perfect compatibility with other room designs and desk colours.

Not only can we guarantee greater comfort from our range of chairs, we’re also pleased to be able to offer seating options for practical purposes from some of the biggest manufacturers on the high street. Browse our array of top quality brands and you are sure to find a desk chair to suit you. Enjoy versatile models that feature tilt functions and height adjustment, perfect for desks, tables, bars and even people of all sizes.

Our black and silver range of chairs are the perfect accompaniment to a more futuristic-cum-monochrome look. This is a particularly popular look in progressive offices. We do also feature traditional blue and black chairs for a simpler air. Be sure to browse our collection of desks to create the perfect home office pairing.

Chairs are built for sitting, swivelling and moving. Naturally, the construction needs to be of excellent quality and a browse through our website will highlight the sturdy quality of our chairs

Available in a selection of designs and colours, our chairs can be used ideally in a boardroom and workplace, just as much as a bedroom or home office. Functionality is important for maintaining a good posture. Some chairs are built with a footring for additional off the floor support, while others are built with moulded plastic seats, mesh backs or additional height functions. For workers who find themselves bending down a lot, or on their knees for much of the day, a classic kneeling chair may work better, which is ideal for light office use and is designed to ease the pressure you place on your lap.

When you make a purchase with Price Crash Furniture, you can rest assured that you are receiving the best customer support care. Our team is small, but dedicated and well versed in our customers’ needs. We offer a free UK delivery on all orders for better value and peace of mind.

If you’re pushed for time, we may be able to offer next day delivery when ordering before 11am. Just another example of our emphasis on practical customer service in action.