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Your dining space is the heart of your home. No matter how busy everyone in your family is with school and work, we all take the time to sit down and have a meal together. It’s the perfect time for everyone to catch up, share their news and even bond that little bit more.

So, how do you decorate your dining space? Especially when it’s such an important part of your home.

Many of us have a pre-conceived notion that a dining space should be matchy-matchy and formal. However, this need not be the case! A dining space can be as bold, colourful and as mad as you like. Which is exactly why we have so many different styles and colours of chairs available in our dining collection.

Choose Your Table

First off, you need to choose your ideal table. Here you will be limited to the space you have available.

If you plan to add a table to your kitchen, it’s likely that you’ll need something a little more compact. This will allow you to make the most of the space you have. For the best in space, a round table gives plenty of room for four to sit, however, being round it takes up less space than a rectangular table. In particular, the Aspen White round table is versatile in colour and will fit in with most kitchen styles.

For those with a little more room to play with or with a dedicated dining room, you can opt for a larger, rectangular table. This will give you far more space for dining, with some tables being able to take even six people – ideal for larger families. Here the Core Corona pine table makes for a lovely addition to a dining space.

Pick Your Chairs

To really add personality to your dining space, use your chairs. Never be limited to matching your chairs with the table. Instead, add splashes of colour and character with a quirkier set of chairs from our collection.

If you adore bright colours, then look no further than the Core plastic chair sets. These are sold in a number of vibrant colours, including: green, red, grey, yellow and blue. Ideal for adding a splash of colour, pick your favourite colour and go. You can even repeat this splash of colour through your kitchen or dining room with accessories or furnishings.

For those that prefer more traditional chairs – such as the Hamilton ash veneer chair set – there are still plenty of options as well as matching chairs and tables.

If you’d like to mix traditional with the quirky, why not try a dining bench? These are not only incredibly fashionable at the moment, they’re also very versatile as they allow more people to sit at the table. This can be particularly good for those with children as it gives more space. Even better, benches can feel far more fun than a traditional chair. It might even inspire the kids to sit at the table and eat their veggies!