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Cupboards and wall units offer stylish spaces to hide all that clutter that we can't bear to part with or throw away. Brilliant for tidying away mess quickly when friends or family announce they are coming round to visit at short notice, how do we live without them?

Here at Price Crash Furniture we've definitely got your back with a comprehensive range of wall units and cupboards in all our popular finishes, meaning there is guaranteed to be a co-ordinating look for everyone, and a cheap and easy storage solution to suit all needs and budgets.

Whether you desire an exciting new look for your kitchen or are simply looking for an extra unit for additional storage, you’re sure to find what you need from our collection. From matching pieces to statement standalone designs, our cupboards and wall unit range offers designs for all tastes and interior styles.

Sleek shapes, uplifting light shades and luxurious, gloss finishes make up our wall unit range which is perfect for creating a fresh and chic kitchen. Neat and minimal, the designs offer elegant homes for plates, glasses, packets of pasta and tinned food. A selection of matching designs are available that you can buy separately in order for you to mix and match and create your desired kitchen.

You’re really spoilt for choice with our stylish cupboard collection. From slim and tall designs to all-encompassing dressers, we have a design for every style and space.

Our modern designs are ultra-versatile and suitable for a wide range of contemporary interiors. From minimal whites to chic pine finishes, the styles promise to complement all types of colour scheme.

Our traditional and antique-inspired designs are perfect for adding charm and character to your kitchen. If you’re looking to create a cosy farmhouse style or country-chic look then these styles are brilliant. Dark oaks, chunky shapes and rustic accents make up the core of these cupboards which are wonderful for creating a warm and homely kitchen space.

Finally, our dressers and display units offer a sophisticated spot to show off your best crockery and create visual interest in your kitchen. Functional as well as utterly chic, these grand pieces are perfect for concealing kitchen clutter behind the cupboards and displaying pretty pieces on the shelves.