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Door Stops & Door Mats at Price Crash Furniture

When you need something to go by the door, be it a door mat to wipe your feet on when coming in from outside, or a cute animal door stop, or traditional door wedge to prop your door open, then look no further- we have an amazing and affordable selection of quality door accessories to choose from here at Price Crash Furniture.

Door mats

Our wicker door mats give a welcoming air to your home and look stylish too. Available with slogans including "home sweet home", "stage door" and "wipe your feet", these welcome mats are both practical and humorous. We also have simple pictures and images - have a browse and see what takes your fancy. The coarse wicker style design will help get any dirt off the bottom of your boots or shoes before it gets in the house.

Door wedges

Our traditional style door wedges are a delight to behold. Made from decorated wood, with ceramic or wooden detailed knobs these are a stylish way to prop open a door.

Door stops

Our cute animal door stops come in a range of shapes and sizes. These heavyweight door stops are great for propping open doors in your home. Many rental properties and new-build houses are now built with those chains in the doors, to make doors swing shut - and while this is a great safety feature in case of a fire, sometimes you want the internal doors in your home to stay open so that you can chat to your family and friends in another room. Our heavyweight fabric door stops in animal shapes such as birds, dogs, cats, elephants and more are great for this. The fabric will mean your floors don't get scratched, the stylish animals look cute in any room and they are heavy enough to hold open those stubborn doors.

Although our doorstops are super cute with their fluffy, soft, faux leather and animal designs, they are not toys and small children should not be allowed to interact with them without being carefully supervised.

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