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Whether you have a large family, or an unexpected arrival at your dinner party, dining benches are the perfect practical way to maximise space at the table without sacrificing style and comfort.

Not only are dining benches compact and easy to tuck away, they offer a traditional way to add charm and variety to your dining room. Some of our benches are built using a sleek chrome structure, durable faux leather cushioning and smooth rounded sides for maximum indulgence. Dining benches are a great way to add a casual, or quirky air to the table. Accent your minimalist approach with a refined black and chrome, or understated mink grey bench, or make your room pop with our beautiful fresh white cushioned product.

Dining benches have become a popular alternative to chairs for those who are seeking to capture a rustic feel in their dining room. Not only that, their streamlined design can help you save space and reduce clutter, which is useful if you are looking to change the impression of a small dining area. Use two benches to create a picture-perfect symmetrical view of the room, or pair the bench with a couple of casual dining chairs for a new dimension. Each bench can seat two people at a table and many people use two benches either side of a table, with two chairs at either end to bookend the style.

Our range of dining benches are an excellent for children. They are just the right height for your kids to join you at the table with ease, and the smooth leather material on our products are water resistant and resilient to fading, making persistent stains a feature of the past.

If you are looking for a unique way to add warmth to your home, dining benches look equally fashionable in your hallway. Simply decorate with cushions and the bench becomes a welcome place to sit for guests. Benches can also be used in a cloakroom as a convenient sitting space to take off your coat and boots. Many of the elegant shoe cupboards on Price Crash Furniture would make the perfect companion for any bench placed here.

The versatility that dining benches offer makes them easy to pair with other furnishings in the house. Keep the look casual and cultivated when paired with a chrome legged table, or discover a back-to-country charm when sat with a regal oak table. Combining a dining bench with a couple of chairs is also a great way to highlight a new feature in the room and we have a wide range of stylish chair ideas for any dining room design. If used in a hallway, why not accompany the bench with a coffee table from our extensive selection?

No matter the design, you are sure to find something that suites your purpose for excellent value at Price Crash Furniture. Our variety of benches are perfect for your dining room to offer a practical solution to dining on a space restriction.