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Creating an impression is key for any visitor to your business, whether the person is there for the first time as an interviewee, or if they are a long standing business partner. Relationships can rise and fall on the smallest of details, so we have put together a comprehensive selection of the best reception chairs to fit any need.

It is worth remembering that comfort is just as important as style, as the last thing you want is your best supplier complaining about back ache after they have left your reception area!

Support for the spine and sitting position have all been taken into account for this range, to ensure that if your visitor does have to wait a little longer than planned, they can do so in comfort.

A reception should be a warm and welcoming place helping to put your visitors at ease. An important thing to remember as it is the first and last place they will see. Increasingly, many businesses are creating uniquely cool and funky spaces, which as much as anything else makes your company stand out to create a point of discussion for them to take away.

With that in mind, something like the Teknik Chicago Luxury Recliner would work very well, the added foot rest allowing visitors an opportunity to quickly rest their feet if their journey to your premises has been a long one. This comes in both black and brown, giving you the option to blend it together with the right colours that surround it.

The Teknik Clarity Chair in black or white, looks quite minimalist but pieced together with the right furniture will create a really cool, cutting edge look. Companies working pioneering industries may be attracted towards this style but if you are looking revolutionise your brands image, this would be the perfect start point.

The advantage of all these pieces is that some can serve a dual purpose to seat members of staff too. If you are planning an office move to larger premises, or thinking of tackling a refit to include new desks and chairs, then look no further.

This would particularly suit the Teknik Nova Visitor with its comfortable arm rests, ergonomic back support and cushioned seating. The black colour also makes it a simple but effective choice to fit into a modern corporate environment, helping to shape a truly professional look.

Or you may wish to work with something slightly more cost effective, which is where the Teknik Ergo Visitor chair fits in. They are reliable, sturdy chairs with an adjustable backrest and ample seat space and always a popular choice with our customers.

No matter the size of your business, we have the right size, shape and price that will work for you.

If you are in charge of a large or small office, or starting to build your business empire from home, then you will find everything you need at Price Crash Furniture when it comes to planning your seating arrangements.