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The bedroom is always something a sanctuary within the home, a place where you can escape the noise and distractions and without worrying about how you look or concerning yourself with what other people are up to. It has to be a place of rest and recuperation that will encourage your mind to relax so your body can follow suit.

That means finding the right bed is one of the most important purchases you will make. How far it rests from the floor, its width, depth and length, the style and design and material it is made from all make it onto the list of things to consider. But of course, at the top of the list you should always put comfort because ultimately, this will be a purchase that will need you to feel completely at ease without worrying about any problems cropping up in the future.

The less stressful way of deciding on which style and design to go for is looking at your existing décor and finding what blends in. But it is always worth remembering that the furnishings and wall colour in the room can always be changed to suit your new purchase. This enables you to choose more freely, rather than narrowing down your options to beds that may not even match what you are looking for. Buying a new style or colour of bed also provides the perfect excuse to freshen up your bedroom with a new look.

Getting the size right is really one of the most important parts of making your decision, because if the bed looks stylish and eye-catching, it is no good if you feel cramped and unable to stretch out as you need. Single and double beds come in standard sizes so most average sized people will not have to concern themselves too much with this. However, if you are over six-foot, then it is definitely something to take into consideration. It may make more sense to upgrade to a Super-King size, so you can avoid waking up in the morning with horrible aches and pains.

A general rule of thumb is to buy a new bed approximately every ten years, before those uncomfortable nights start to become a regular habit. Although it may add to the upfront cost, investing in the best quality mattress possible will mean you get a far better night’s sleep, for a lot longer. Cutting corners here will offer short terms benefits in terms of expenditure but in the long-term you will be back in the market for a new mattress far sooner than you had hoped, and no doubt spending more money that would’ve been saved in the first place.

Whatever your style, Price Crash Furniture has got something for you. Whether you need fabric, leather, metal or wooden bed frames our fantastic collection is designed to suit your needs. You will also find headboards and even bedside extensions to choose from, so if you are looking for new and exciting ideas for the bedroom, browse on below to your hearts content!