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Coffee tables are the epicentre of your living room and usually the first piece of furniture visitors see when they enter the room. Consequently, its essential to have a design that is stylish, yet also matches all your other living room furniture. As well looking good, a coffee table must be functional, durable and timeless.

At Price Crash Furniture we can offer coffee tables with all the above elements and at a great price also. Plus we will deliver it for free. Yes free!

Coffee Tables To Suit All Tastes

We have plenty of styles to suit everyone, such as urban chic designs, classic pieces and nests of tables. Many of our coffee tables come with built-in storage to keep your remotes well organized, and newspapers tidy.

We also offer several different high quality materials including oak, walnut and glass, so you can be sure to find the perfect coffee table to suit your style requirements. Look no further than our extensive range of coffee tables and turn your living space into the room of your dreams.

Modern Coffee Tables

We have plenty of chic and contemporary coffee tables that are perfect for modern lounge spaces. Combining fresh elements such as white finishes, glass materials and chrome shine, these minimal style designs are wonderful for creating a clean, spacious and serene space. Available in fluid, asymmetric designs or sharp and neat shapes, there’s sure to be a coffee table for every taste.

Retro Coffee Tables

For a retro feel, we have a selection of on-trend, mid-century designs with sloping edges and beautiful oak constructions. Alternatively, if you want to create a hip, loft-inspired space then our industrial coffee tables are perfect. Distressed wood, exposed steel and wheel bases all feature and are sure to impress guests with their cool and quirky designs.

We also offer a range of classic wooden coffee tables made from solid pinewood, oak and walnut that are designed to match a wide range of interiors. From traditional living rooms to cutting-edge lounge spaces, these versatile coffee tables will look beautifully at home anywhere.