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Storage space is essential in any bedroom, but for children who have lots of toys, books and special treasures it’s even more important. Our range of spacious children’s storage is stylish, robust and affordable. The varied designs and materials make them perfect for boys or girls of all ages and are sure to suit existing furniture in their bedroom.

Books are a brilliant way to ignite a child’s imagination and encourage learning. If you have a little bookworm on your hands then our stylish bookcases promise to delight them. From low and wide designs to tall or narrow silhouettes, there’s a shape suitable for all sizes of bedroom. Available in white, whitewash or natural finishes, the bookcases promise to complement a wide range of colour-schemes.

Mum and Dad are bound to be jealous of our gorgeous selection of children’s storage cupboards and cabinets! The 4Kids range is ultra chic thanks to its oak construction and white high-gloss finish, whilst the Holiday collection impresses with its stylish grey, cream and light oak shades. For pretty and playful designs, check out the funky Hobby designs. Crafted from dark oak, each unit features colourful panels that are brilliant for brightening up rooms.

Tidying up toys just got fun thanks to our charming ottomans and toy boxes. Our white, cream and pine ottomans channel an old-school vibe and are wonderful for storing blankets, pillows or toys. For more modern bedrooms, check out our contemporary white and oak toy chests. With their stylish designs and spacious storage space, the boxes make an elegant home for teddy bears, action figures and board games.

For simple and easy storage our wall mounted shelving units are perfect. Brilliant for displaying books, toys, pictures or clocks, the designs are super versatile and help create a clean and neat feel. With white glossy finishes and light oak elements, the shelving units are high quality and elegant.

So whether its piles of books or cuddly toys that need a stylish and neat home, look no further than our children’s bookcase and storage collection.