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The important thing when purchasing a new dining table is finding the right one that works for you. The selection below all measure up to 100cm, so if space is a big tight or you don’t have a need to invest in something larger, you are sure to find exactly what you need right here.

If you’ve just moved into a house or flat where the kitchen isn’t too generous in terms of space, then you’ll need to get creative. Similarly, if you have decided that TV dinners have to end and you are tired of eating from trays on your lap and want to eat in comfort in the kitchen, then it is the perfect time to look at your options.

Even if you have enough room for a larger dining table in your home, not everyone is a regular entertainer of large groups of guests. Perhaps more often than not only one or two people are sitting down to eat together, so purchasing a smaller, more compact table makes a lot more sense.

You may also place a stronger focus on the rest of the living room area, especially if you live in an open plan space where the kitchen is designed to be less intrusive. We’ve taken that into consideration too, so if you require a table that is hidden in plain sight rather than a stand out feature, your search ends right here.

A round table is particularly beneficial for small areas, particularly if you intend of positioning it in the corner of the room. Positioned near or under windows to capture the natural daylight immediately opens up the space around the table and without the straight corners on each side, moving around it becomes much easier too.

The clean straight lines of a traditional square shaped table often works in symmetry with the room it is placed in too, so while understanding the dimensions of the table’s immediate setting is key, taking into account the scale of the room as a whole is equally important.

There are also some smart tricks you can make with a small table. Take a look at 80cm Extending Dining Table below for example. This will fit neatly into a tighter space, suiting those who typically have a low-level need to seat any more than two or three for dinner. However, the extending mechanism allows the table to reach up to 147cm, which is great for Christmas or special family occasions.

Glass top tables are also great at maximising space within a room. The see-through qualities of these tables creates an illusion that the space is not occupied by the object. And of course the reflection of light, be it from the outside or generated by artificial means indoors, helps make it feel less intrusive.

All of our tables at Price Crash Furniture are built with comfort and style in mind. This means we can bring together a wonderful combination of good taste, relaxation and accurate sizing to slot easily into your home.