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If you really need to make a statement in the home and have plenty of room for a grand sized dining table, then look at the variety we have for you to choose from. These wonderful 150cm plus sized tables will allow plenty of room for family and friends to sit down and eat in spacious luxury.

While there is less flexibility in how you can position your one-piece dining table, the beauty is how it becomes a feature in its own right, the centre piece in either its own room or dedicated area of an open plan layout.

Some traditional households still prefer to cover their table with a tablecloth to protect the surface from damaging scratches and stains, although this has changed in recent times. A tablecloth can still have a decorative effect on the room when not in use but generally, using place mats and coasters is the best way to go. This means the natural essence of the wood can really stand out, allowing the oak material to really add character and style to the room.

These type of tables can also great to use in the warmer summer months if you are one to hold BBQ’s or host a party in the summer evening. If you do not wish to invest in an additional fold-away table, then after carefully manoeuvring it outside, you will have plenty of room to place your buffet food and drink selection for your guests to enjoy.

Longer dining tables measuring 150cm or over also allow for greater creativity with the seating arrangement and the type of seats you want to use. What this size provides is extra room not only in terms of length but in width too, which frees up more serving space too. If you are creative in the kitchen, or like to bring the serving dishes to the table for your family or guests to serve themselves, this is exactly what you need.

As these tables are purchased as individual pieces, you are then able to mix things up if you are tired of your current set of chairs. Freshening up not only the dining table but also the seating will really inject the life back into your dining experience.

The decision you come to about your table will prove to be definitive in shaping the ambience, style and atmosphere of that part of the house, and we understand that this is an investment worth taking your time over. Dining areas used to be mostly functional areas for the family to gather and eat together. We understand that now you want every single part of your home to speak about you.

Price Crash Furniture have helped countless people cultivate the right mood and setting in their home, all built off the back of the wonderful selection we are proud to offer to you. When you put together the quality of furniture, pricing, delivery options and customer service, you will struggle to find anyone else that can offer such a considerate and full rounded service.