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The ongoing battle within any home is finding space to position new purchases as your family or budget grows. Sometimes it can be a simple case of finally putting that pile of junk in the dustbin, moving disused furniture into the attic, cellar or garage or getting really creative with the space within the home!

Extendable and drop leaf tables are perfect for homes where space is at a premium and you may not have the room to leave a fixed dining table standing in place, immediately ready for use. The beauty of these tables is how they retain the same useful functionality as a fixed one, while also offering added flexibility to utilise the same space during other times in the day.

These tables also adapt to your ongoing needs, using the space in your house wisely when needed. The fast pace of the modern world means that we can’t always sit down as a family to eat together every day, no matter how much we would like to. Work, school and our daily routines mean that sometimes it may just be one or two people sitting down to eat, so a large table can feel like it is taking up too much room at that point.

There is no compromise made with style made when it comes to choosing extendable or drop leaf table. They prove to be just as resiliently made, elegantly designed and also serve as an effective place to position flowers or ornaments when not in use too.