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Choosing a beautiful oak TV unit for your living room is a brilliant choice. Not only is it elegant, authentic and homely but also super sturdy and durable enough to be a suitable home for all your entertainment systems.

An oak TV cabinet is essential if the rest of your furniture is made from oak and you’re looking for a seamless living room style. Many T.V units look super modern these days and are made from chrome and glass materials. Whilst these are stylish, they don’t fit in with everyone’s home. That’s why we offer a range of gorgeous oak designs for those who prefer a more rustic style.

All our oak TV cabinets are expertly made to the highest standard using only the highest grade oak. Wonderfully versatile and built to last, our designs are timeless pieces that will last for years and are sure to match your living room no matter how many times you change the décor style.

Although perfect for traditional interiors, we have a collection of modern oak designs that will sit beautifully in contemporary homes as well. Chic, white, Scandinavian-inspired designs, blonde oaks, minimal shapes and curving shelves all feature in our oak range and are perfect for creating a fresh, neat and modern living room.

Our black oak designs combine sleek silhouettes, subtle oak finishes and piano black glass elements for an ultra-sophisticated and luxurious style. These cabinets will suit state-of-the-art plasma screen silver televisions and are ideal for cutting-edge and minimal living rooms.

Of course, we offer a vast range of charming, traditional TV cabinets for those with classic and authentic living rooms. These designs are really beautiful as they show off the natural oak material in all its glory. Using materials such as reclaimed wood and North American oak and boasting stylish finishes from rough sawn textures to rich patina effects, the designs are perfect for adding a rugged touch.

The traditional designs are also ideal if you’re looking for a more substantial unit that is sturdy enough to accommodate all your technology. Featuring plenty of space to house gadgets and accessories, the media cabinets offer cupboards and drawers that are perfect for concealing clutter and creating a neat and ordered look.