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The classic style that pine bedroom furniture adds is simply unbeatable. There is an instant timelessness that a real wood effect brings to any room, a sense of natural character that only this type of material possesses. Read on to find out what pine furniture can bring to your bedroom and the unique pieces Price Crash Furniture have on offer.

Without question, both price and appearance are two crucial factors that should be taken into consideration before making any purchase for your home. The aesthetic advantages that pine wood offers are many but the type of wood itself is equally as important.

First and foremost, the type of wood furniture you buy will determine its strength and how long it will last. Nobody wants to buy a new range of bedroom furniture only for it to fall apart a few months later. Understanding the differences between the types of wood furniture available to buy will prove invaluable in the long run.

Pine bedroom furniture not only looks beautifully natural but it also opens up the opportunity to use it as a base colour. Due to its lighter tone, pine can be easily stained or painted to create a completely new look for your bedroom. Most people tend to choose pine furniture for its natural wood grain and prefer not to change the colour, but nonetheless, the option is always there if you want a change at some point.

The durability of pine wood is another great benefit it provides to those looking for new furniture. Because wood can be fashioned into virtually any shape and style, you can buy pine bedroom furniture such as drawers, bed side tables, bed frames, mirrors, tables, chairs and lots more. As long as you take care of the wood then it will age well and stand up to the rigours of everyday usage.

When you are looking to buy new furniture durability should be near the top of the list. While buying cheap will save you money in the short term, you will not want to be back on the market shopping for replacements in a matter of weeks. Buying furniture made from durable wood sources such as pine is one of the best choices you can make for your bedroom as it is more likely to stand the test of time.

Small changes to the bedroom can make all the difference and the Core Products Dovedale Pine Dressing Table Mirror offers just that. The warm effect that emanates from the natural pine lends itself to blending into a wide range interior styles. The simple addition of this mirror can also help a small room feel that little bit more spacious.

The Corona Chest of Drawers in Mexican Style Pine brings something different to the room. If you are a fan of the South American aesthetic then this stand-alone piece will be ideal. There are nice perfectly crafted pine drawers to provide plenty of storage and the black metal handles contrast elegantly against the natural grain.

As you can see, at Price Crash Furniture we have some amazing pieces of pine bedroom furniture to transform your home. With free delivery on any item you order from our online store you’ll get the very best quality at prices you can afford.