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The changing landscape of working habits brings with it a necessity for a variety of high-quality seating options. Teknik Office Furniture has over 25 years’ worth of experience designing comfortable furniture for the workplace and the home office, and we are proud to have them as part of our portfolio at Price Crash Furniture.

Most office chairs need to be able to accommodate up to roughly 8 hours’ worth of sitting in a day. It is important that the chair you choose is able provide ample support to prevent a stiff neck and a sore back. Many of the products in the Teknik Office Furniture range are designed to offer maximum comfort and improve back posture. Chairs are built with nylon, mesh or plush leather backs, as well as height adjustable arm rests and some with headrests.

Poor seating in an office environment can be detrimental to physical health and morale. It’s hard to concentrate on an important document if you are not comfortable. Teknik’s chairs offer cosy features such as pump up lumbar support, ergonomic height adjustment and a design that contours to your body.

The look of an office chair can be just as important as the feel, regardless of the location in an office or at home. An organised space needs a consistent colour scheme. Perhaps you need a specific shade to accentuate your brand inspired workspace, or simply a stylish chair to motivate your work flow at home. Whatever the requirements, Teknik Office Furniture has chairs in a range of colours, from black and blue, to grey, brown and purple.

Desks are also a vital component of a productive work environment. The Teknik Office Furniture desk range is stylish and complete with helpful storage options to suit a work space of any size. The desks are robustly built and come in a variety of different finishes, like antique pine and cinnamon cherry.

Price Crash Furniture is dedicated to offering the finest quality brands at competitive prices. We support our customers through every aspect of their purchasing journey, down to the finer details to ensure you make the informed choice.

If you are looking for the very best in office space furniture, Price Crash Furniture is the place to come. Whether you’re looking for a suave, leather bonded, or simple meshed back chair, we offer fantastic furniture at a great price. Take a look through what we have and be comforted by the knowledge that we only use the best delivery services for our customers.