For most of us, the living room is the room of our house we spend the most time

awake in, and so it’s key that the space feels comfortable and cosy. A staple of the British living room is a coffee table – although we all know that it’s often used for much more than cups of hot coffee! Amongst our ranges of furniture are a variety of coffee tables with built-in and even hidden storage, and here’s why we think they’re a great solution.

Added Convenience

We’ve all done it: settled on the sofa ready to watch something great or have a good natter over some drinks, only to realise that you’ve left something behind and need to leave your comfy confines to get up and head elsewhere. Be it a biscuit to dunk in your tea, a book to leaf through or a phone charger to get you back to 100%, storing handy items nearby in a coffee table means you needn’t walk through the house once you’re cosy!

Clutter Away

Coffee tables, as with armchairs and just about any flat surface in the home quickly get covered in clutter amongst the hustle and bustle of family life. At the end of the day when you’re ready to sweep everything away and get the room clean before bed, storage within a coffee table allows for your bits and bobs to be easily stored out of sight swiftly.

Multi-functional Furniture

In busy homes a coffee table is so much more than just a coffee table. It’s a laptop desk, the surface for a jigsaw, a place to display cards and gifts and even a dinner table. When the coffee table has storage space within in, you can quickly hide away items to re-purpose it for whatever you need – allowing you to do more than just drink tea and instead providing a multi-functional piece of furniture for your living room.


Coffee tables with storage often feature drawers and/or doors, and so are manufactured to a more robust standard than those with just legs and a tabletop surface. As such, you’ll find that these pieces last a long time and can withstand the hubbub of daily life. It’s always recommended, therefore, that you opt for a coffee table that fits your interior decoration tastes and is timeless rather than a fashion trend item – as it’ll cost a little bit more initially but last for considerably longer than others.

As with any piece of furniture you’ll spend a lot of time around, it’s important that you choose something practical as well as in a style you like, and created with a high level of workmanship to ensure stability and longevity. Pick something you truly love and it’ll stand you in good stead for years to come.

Browse our range of brilliant coffee tables now and seek inspiration for your lounge and living area!

May 10, 2024 — Price Crash Furniture