Using Accent Chairs To Complete The Look Of A Room

Accent chairs are a fantastic way to add a pop of colour or design to any room without having to colour drench or re-theme a whole interior scheme. Such chairs are usually single armchair or statement chairs in a colour or tone differing to the rest of the room’s theme or complimenting it. There’s many ways to find the right design for you and here, we share tips on how best to do so.

Style Your Chair To ‘Pop’

The point of an accent chair is that it must stand out against the rest of the room. If you have a primarily neutral colour scheme, a bold tone should be selected; or vice versa! If a colour won’t necessarily create the necessary accent, consider choosing something with a bold pattern or accessorising the chair with a throw, blankets or cushions to clash.

Consider Furniture Placement

Ideally, an accent chair should not be surrounded by areas of clutter or mass detail as they’ll fail to make the intended visual impact. If the space allows for it, instead try and create ‘conversation areas’ around the room by grouping seating areas together to allow for plenty of socialisation.

Pick A Select Style

Your accent chair’s style can clash with your existing seating in order to best make a statement. Armchairs are the most typical chairs, but if the shape resembles other seating in the room too similarly, it may be better to choose a club chair (a lower, more compact chair type), a wingback chair (a more traditional piece not often used in modern interiors) or a slipper chair (an armless model that lowers to the ground and works well in smaller spaces).

Measure Up

Introducing an accent chair to any room naturally takes up floor space – and if there isn’t enough for it without making the area feel cluttered, it could make this aesthetic addition impractical. Measure up the space before making any purchase and be sure to pick a chair that won’t make things feel overcrowded or claustrophobic.

Mix And Match

If you are lucky enough to have a room large enough for more than one accent chair, consider clashing colours to make things really stand out. Or, if you have a single-colour scheme throughout the room use chairs in the same accent colour but in different styles to make a design statement.


Once your accent chair has been installed in your desired location you can add in smaller decorative accessories to the room in the same colour to pull the theme together in a coherent way. This works brilliantly in neutral schemes with a colour pop and can really elevate the design to interior magazine type standards!

From maximalist animal print to bold and bright rainbow hues, we have you covered for beautiful and practical accent chairs. Browse our range of chairs now and find your inspiration for your next interior colour scheme!

May 18, 2024 — Price Crash Furniture