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When buying a TV stand it’s important to not just think about what type of design will suit your television set, but how it will sit within your home as well. Décor style, height of existing furniture and the amount of items you want to store on the stand are all factors you need to take into account.

Luckily for you we have a stunning selection of TV units to suit all types of setups and tastes. Whether you’re shopping for a wide flat screen television to fit in a contemporary home, or looking for a vintage inspired design for traditional interiors, you’re guaranteed to discover your perfect TV stand at Price Crash Furniture.

Cantilever TV stands are the ultimate modern way to showcase your television set. They give the illusion of your TV floating and are brilliant for creating a minimal and neat look for your home entertainment area. We have a wide range of sleek Cantilever designs to suit all types of interiors, choose from chromium colours, retro walnut styles and sophisticated black shades.

Corner TV stands are perfect for small living spaces, or as an extra TV unit for bedrooms and spare rooms. Purposely designed to seamless slot into corners, these designs make optimum use of space and are ideal for smaller television sets, although we do have a selection of longer units that will hold a wide screen as well. Available in a series of stylish wood finishes, these oak, pine and walnut cabinets are sure to complement all homes.

Low, long and sleek, our Low TV stands make an elegant home for cutting-edge wide screen televisions. These designs sit in beautifully with minimal and contemporary interiors and will especially complement low sofas and coffee tables. From glossy white finishes to authentic wood styles, you’re bound to discover a TV stand to suit any decor scheme.

Tall TV stands tend to offer more shelving space and are therefore ideal if you have lots of items to store, such as game consoles, satellite boxes and speakers. They also offer more display spaces and are wonderful for decorating with books, ornaments or plants. Due to the taller size of these stands, the designs are suitable for homes with higher settees and chairs.