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For an utterly chic and striking look, why not illuminate your display unit with lighting? A cool idea that transforms any sideboard, dresser or shelving unit, adding extra lighting to your display ensures an eye-catching and impressive style.

Sure, decorating your display unit with elegant ornaments, pretty bowls and stylish vases is a brilliant way to add character and sophistication into any room. But sometimes cupboards and shelves can get a bit dark and your displays can be lost to shadows, especially if you have low lighting in the evenings.

That’s why we offer a fantastic selection of sideboard lighting solutions that ensure your beautiful ornaments will always be in the spotlight.

Our packs of LED lights are perfect for glass shelving and light up adornments from below. Whether you have a sideboard with a central display area or a tall, narrow unit with layers of shelving, adding LED lighting can create a spectacular focal point. Our LED lights are available in various quantities depending on your sideboard size.

Halogen lighting is an effective way for lighting up cabinets, sideboards or shelves at a low cost. Adding halogen lights to any display unit is a simple yet striking way to create ambiance and a glamorous feel. Perfect for adding subtle light to dining spaces, these lighting accessories work wonderfully with candle lit dinners and ensure all your guests can see your beautiful displays.

Choose Prismatic lighting if you’re looking for a brighter effect. This type of lighting option will illuminate all of your display area and is ideal if you have a particular impressive artefact or expensive vase to show off.

Don’t forget to check out our collection of sideboards and display units that will look absolutely breath-taking combined with our stylish lighting options. At Price Crash Furniture we strive to give you the best price possible. If it means you have change left over from a purchase, may we suggest an excellent way to spend it is on ambient lighting options that place your furniture in the best light possible?