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With spring in the air and summer fast approaching, the sun will soon be regularly shining through your lounge windows. So why not add some a bit more brightness underneath your TV to help illuminate the room further and really make a statement?

White TV furniture can really put the sparkle back into your living room and help rejuvenate the focal space within the lounge area. Whether set against traditional cream colours, a more vibrant palette or a darker, more intense setting, the beauty of white TV furniture is it goes with absolutely everything – with no exceptions!

This simple but effective colour also lends a helping hand with something that is always an ongoing struggle within every home: saving space. Finding extra room is as much of a physical struggle as it is a mental one, and just feeling that you have more space can make all the difference. The crucial advantage the colour white can offer is in opening up the immediate space around it, instantly making the area feel larger and less cramped.

Another thing to remember with white TV furniture is that the colour is one that can adapt to the long term changes that will naturally occur within your home. It is a staple tone within home décor because of how easy it is to match and blend with everything else. And not only does it save space but it breathes vibrancy into the objects nearest to it too.

Timeless would be the best word to describe it. White furniture will fit into a modern, contemporary home, just as easily as it will with something more traditional, or even purpopesly retro.

The Scandinavian Style Wide TV stand below certainly illustrates that. With its oak spindle legs set beneath the stylish display cabinet design, there is a certain 50’s panache to be found within its design. Compare this with the ultra-modern Alphason Element Modular unit that has a confident, assured shape, made to fit into a contemporary home.

There is always something of a Mediterranean feel to white pieces of furniture, linking it to the bright sunshine soaked décor we so often see when travelling abroad. A prime example of that would be the Riana Milan TV Unit. The gorgeous walnut oak top layer set against the smooth, clean tones of the white doors would look perfect sitting next to the lively green textures of a large potted house plant. There is ample storage room for electronic and home entertainment devices, which will help retain the simplistic strength of its design.

At Price Crash Furniture we have a fantastic range of white TV furniture to choose from, with something to pique everyone’s interest, no matter what style you are looking for.

The options range from simplistic designs, right through to more substantial sized units with ample storage room. Our aim is to supply the best furniture on the market at exceptional prices, and once you look through this range, we are confident you will agree that you won’t find better anywhere else!