Are you tired of your living space feeling incomplete and lacking personality?

The secret ingredients to adding that finishing touch, creating a cosy atmosphere, and incorporating your style into any room are cushions and scatter cushions. These small but mighty accessories can transform any space into a stylish haven. Forget about bland sofas or bare beds. You can really elevate your interior décor and complete your look using cushions and scatter cushions.

Here’s how:

The Importance Of Cushions In Interior Design

How Can They Transform A Space?

Have you ever stepped into a room and felt like it was missing something?

It might sound simple, but chances are, it was probably missing cushions. Although it’s easy to overlook them, cushions and scatter cushions are crucial in transforming a space and tying the room theme and colour scheme together.

Not only do cushions provide added comfort, but they also create the perfect opportunity to add more colour and texture. The possibilities are endless, from an elegant silk scatter cushion or velvet bolster to a cosy knit or playful pom pom accent cushion. They’re a fantastic way to spruce up your spaces and add the finishing touches to your interior design look.


How To Choose The Right Cushions

Throw Cushions, Scatter Cushions, Floor Cushions And More

Cushions are just cushions, right? Wrong. There are different types depending on your needs. First up, throw cushions are great for adding colour or texture to your couch or bed. Then, there are smaller scatter cushions for extra comfort in your favourite armchair or grouping together to accessorize a bed or sofa with contrasting colours and textures. Lastly, floor cushions are perfect for creating a cosy and relaxed seating area on the floor or to use in place of a headboard to prop yourself up to read in bed.

Choosing the right size and shape of cushions can make all the difference in comfort and the overall aesthetic. Consider the dimensions of your room and its furniture, and take measurements to make sure they’re a perfect fit.

The colour and texture of your cushions are important, too. Have you ever walked into a room and felt overwhelmed by the mishmash of patterns, textures and colours? Trying to give your living space some personality can be exciting. But don’t get carried away. The key is to create a cohesive look rather than a chaotic mess. However, don’t be afraid to combine floral-printed throw pillows with a textured knitted blanket and an accent chair in a complementary solid colour. Just stick to a “mood” or theme for the room.

You could also consider adding one or two statement cushions that really make an impact. Statement cushions can add dramatic pops of colour and texture and act as a focal point. Opt for bold patterns, bright colours, or unique non-traditional shapes to instantly upgrade your space. They’re an affordable and easy way to switch up the look and feel of a room without having to redecorate.

For instance, as the seasons change, so do our moods and desires for our home décor. One easy way to incorporate seasonal changes into your interior décor is with cushion covers. Think Autumn leaves in burnt orange or deep plum, white, gold, or silver winter snowflakes, spring flowers and bright neon colours in summer.
January 17, 2024 — Price Crash Furniture