What Are the Benefits of This Popular Wardrobe Style?

When was the last time you thought about your wardrobe? Where and how your clothing is stored is vitally important. Traditionally, homes have offered ample enclosed storage for clothing and other necessities, but as we venture into a new era or home ownership and lease agreements in which homes are smaller and with very little storage options, our views on our wardrobe styles must change as well. Thankfully, the trend of smaller homes with less storage coincides with a modern open wardrobe trend that we truly enjoy. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy from an open wardrobe concept in your own home.

Increased Organisation

When a wardrobe is enclosed, it is easy to simply toss items inside and forget about them. Before long, the wardrobe can be an unorganised mess, but that is not a problem with modern open wardrobe styles. Due to the exposure of this wardrobe styling, it requires a certain level of organisation. No more simply throwing items in and never seeing them again.

Ultimate Creativity

A modern open wardrobe will enhance your creativity. You will always see your clothing on display and it makes it easier to venture into new styles. It is easy to notice personal trends in our clothing making us want to break out of the monotony. Fashion is self expression and when you are always looking at your clothes, you will want to move beyond your standard style.

Air Circulation

Not many people think about it too often, but an enclosed wardrobe does not offer adequate air circulation. Often, mould can begin to accumulate on the walls, floor, ceiling, and sometimes, on the clothing itself. Having to throw away expensive items due to mould is never comfortable, but you will not have that worry with a modern open wardrobe style. These units allow for ample air circulation and if mould does happen to appear anywhere around the unit, it is easy to spot.

Customisation Options

Wardrobe Organisers are great, but in the traditional wardrobe, you are often limited by the available wardrobe space. Should you want to expand the wardrobe, construction fees and other expenses will certainly weigh you down. With an open wardrobe, there are an endless number of additional pieces and customisation options to choose from. The only limit you have is available space within the room to house the unit. Expanding your current clothing collection or adding to a memorabilia collection is easier than ever before with a modern style open wardrobe.

Can Anyone Benefit from Modern Open Wardrobe Styles?

Yes! When considering what type of wardrobe you want for your existing home or one you may be currently building, a modern, open wardrobe option simply gives you more availability for storage. It does not detract from storage you currently have which makes it ideal for any home, any budget, and anyone.

When shopping for open wardrobe styles, do not be afraid to try things out. Sometimes, it takes a little time to find your exact storage solution and many of the modern open wardrobes available are relatively inexpensive.

Do I Need To Know About Construction to Put An Open Wardrobe Together?

No. Companies understand that not all of their customers will have a construction background, so they tend to make the wardrobes with easy to understand instructions. It may take a few hours or longer to construct your modern open wardrobe, but with a little patience and understanding of how you want to utilise the space, virtually anyone can construct their own open wardrobe.

Can a Modern Open Wardrobe Work with Traditional Furnishings?

Absolutely. When you are designing a space for yourself, it is important to get what you want and what works for your needs. Modern styling does not mean it cannot work with traditional materials as well. On the contrary, eclectic styles which combine traditional with modern options are excellent and very popular. The best way to contend with this conundrum is to pick colours that go well together. If the colours blend, the styles often will too.

Can I Use Modern Open Wardrobes with My Current Wardrobe?

Yes. Having a modern open wardrobe is all about adding to your storage space, so no matter what your current storage situation is, you can find the right modern open wardrobe style that fits your needs. People today can sometimes have more possessions than space and adding additional storage to your home is vital to your overall comfort and piece of mind.

If a modern style open wardrobe seems like an option for you, there are plenty of styles to choose from, so never get discouraged and think you cannot add to your existing storage or create something completely new for any space. Modern open wardrobes are a great way to enhance a space and take back the storage in your home.

March 29, 2024 — Price Crash Furniture