If you are looking for a perfectly sized dining table to suit the family, then look no further.

Our middle sized range offers family-friendly sizes that range between 100-150cm, which are great for regular sit down meals and of course that all important Sunday roast. This range is suitable not only for fixed tables that have their own dining room area, but the extendable options also allow smaller sized households the option to extend their table top when needed.

As always, understanding both the dimensions and shape of the room you are buying for will be key to informing your final purchase. Most rooms do not have equally matching measurements, even though to the naked eye that may appear to be the case. The position of your various furnishings can prove to be deceiving, so falling back on the tried and trusted method of using a tape measure will make sure you get a clear understanding of what you will be dealing with. Sometimes even drawing out a birds-eye plan view of the dining area, or open plan space, will help you figure out where your new dining table can be positioned effectively.

Trying to match the shape of the room with your dining table is probably the easiest way to go. For example, a rectangular shaped dining table would work in conjunction with a similar shaped room. This means when you first walk in, the space will appear to be naturally filled and the lines of the table will find symmetry with everything else around it.

This rule applies to square tables for areas that while not perfectly square in size, have more of a boxed feel about them. Similarly, a square table will reflect the dynamics of a room that has a squarer look to it. To make sure you maximise the space to full effect and buy a table that won’t leave you feeling too cramped but also allow good room for dining, laying out newspaper on the floor is a good planning method. This ensures that not only are you aware of the space around the table, but the correct size that will allow you to eat in comfort.

The great thing about our 100-150cm size collection is that for a family it allows room to relax at the dining area and for children and adults to study with ample room to spread out. If this is an important part of what you are looking for in a table, then these sizes will give you everything you need.

Our range of wooden and glass tables will prove to be a real addition to any family home. We have everything from traditional, to contemporary and modern tables, all provided in neutral colours so they blend in effortlessly with the décor in your home.

Buying the right dining table for you is tougher than it may first seem, which is where we come in. This 100-150cm collection will cover a whole variety of uses, so trust in Price Crash Furniture and we won’t let you down.