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Artificial plants and flowers

Nothing gives a relaxed and homely feel more than a plant in a room, but let's face it we are not all blessed with green fingers! Sometimes, we may have too much shade in a room for anything to grow, or we may have pets or young children to worry about, and cultivating real plants is just not an option. This is where our huge range of stunningly realistic artificial plants and artificial flowers can come to your aid.

Give your shelf, corner of the room, landing, conservatory, patio or deck a boost and a bit of green with a faux plant.

Our artificial plants are of a good size and look realistic, bringing a touch of green to your home.

The range includes tall and medium faux palm trees, artificial bamboo, faux banana plants, faux leafy monstera, artificial money trees, faux ficus plants, artificial cheese plants, faux mother in law's tongue, realistic effect yucca plants, artificial cycas and cycads, artificial maple trees, faux dracaena plants, artificial aloe vera and more.

We even have stunning artificial topiary towers and topiary balls, ideal for a deck, patio or either side of your front door to create a classy yet welcoming front to your home. All of the gorgeous appeal of a lush plant, but none of the trimming, watering, feeding or upkeep needed.

Where our artificial plants are suitable for outdoor use it is clearly mentioned in the description. If used outdoors we recommend such plants are placed in a sheltered area and protected from extreme conditions such as strong winds or frost as persistent exposure could lead to their foliage being damaged. Any faux plants used outdoors should be placed in an area with sufficient ventilation to allow them to dry out if they get wet.

Our leafy and luscious looking artificial plants for house and garden can help you create that rich, green look look without the worry of needing to water plants. With these you'll never get those pesky little soil gnat flies living in the pots. All you every need to do is dust and wipe the leaves occasionally to keep them looking their best.

With options for indoors and outdoors, you really can have a lush and stunning green space inside or outside your home.