Legally Classy… The Teknik Barrister Collection

The Teknik Barrister Collection is one of Price Crash Furniture’s most exquisite ranges. The collection’s salt oak finish veneer can impeccably match all colour options in whatever location within your property whilst providing functional yet classically designed furniture pieces that can help offer versatile yet complimentary furnishings for your dwelling.

The Teknik Office Barrister collection can provide an ideally seamless furnishing collection that can help complete any living space. However, the Teknik Barrister collection can also help those living in cosy spaces by providing design flair that can help maximise small living spaces.

The Living Room Collection by The Teknik Barrister Range

If you want to deploy a beautiful oak veneer finish to your living room area, you could opt for the Teknik Barrister home range that can help create beautifully elegant furnishings that can help bring out the character, colour and vibrancy of your living room space. Our collection of lightly salted oak veneer furniture can provide unique design pieces that can balance functionality with style. However, the uniqueness of the Teknik Barrister is the myriad of storage solutions that can help improve space and efficiency within small and intimate spaces within your home.

This range can help condition your unique and cosy spaces by helping you make the most of vertical spaces, by allowing you to float furnishings (as oppose to pushing them against walls) and by deploying dual-use furnishings that can help double-up as functional spaces that can help with your everyday living needs. Let’s find out more about the Teknik Barrister range.

On great example is the Teknik Barrister Lift Up Coffee Table. Its beautiful oak veneer can help provide a stunningly designed focal point within your living room space whilst providing useful storage space (for blankets, kids toys or general clutter).

You can declutter your TV experience by utilising the Teknik Barrister Home Entertainment Sideboard – in today’s entertainment landscape, with sky or cable boxes, Blu-ray, Amazon or Roku boxes and more you need a functional space to help store your entertainment paraphernalia (from DVDs to remotes and manuals) whilst providing a space that can facilitate the clutter that all this entails. This is the perfect entertainment fitment for your living space.

Or you could opt for the Teknik Barrister Home Wardrobe to help provide a beautifully designed and traditionally functional wardrobe space for your bedroom. This wardrobe solution has the ability to integrate your drawer needs with your wardrobe needs – especially in the context of a small bedroom space – to help you get the most out of your space.

This unique and classy range can provide cosy dwellings with stylish yet functional furnishings that have dual-purpose and can help households declutter whilst providing beautiful design focal points that help you to make a real mark on your home.

As one of Yorkshire’s most innovative retailers, we like to do things the old-fashioned way (whilst also doing things differently). We have an easy-to-navigate webstore that you can utilise to help order furnishing items from the Teknik Barrister range for your own home furnishing needs. Why not call our friendly team direct on 01964 631 815 to find out more about the Teknik Barrister range and our great customer service!