There is nothing quite like spending a raining afternoon hidden away in a corner reading a wonderful book. Not only is it super relaxing, but having a dedicated reading time is great for everyone in the family. Improving both reading skills and reducing stress.

Shelves for Books

One way to really encourage everyone in the family to pick up a book is through creating a dedicated reading corner. Whether it’s a space under the stairs or a little box room, having a room where you can escape technology and get lost in a book is a wonderful addition to your home.

It’s also very simple to create – all you need is something comfy to sit on and a bookshelf full of books ready to read.

Which is where the Basics collection comes in, full of affordable bookshelves all ideal for creating a reading corner in your home. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, this collection has something for every home.

For those with little floorspace, a tall and narrow bookcase makes for a great choice. This bookshelf comes with a very small footprint, so it can easily fit into a small space. This doesn’t compromise on storage though, as the bookcase is tall, meaning you can still store a lot of your books.

Tall Wide Bookcases

If you do have some floorspace to spare, the tall and wide bookshelves are a brilliant choice. Here you will have a lot more space to store your books, so it should be the number one choice for those with a large collection.

Even better, all of the bookshelves within the collection are available in a number of colours as well as shapes. This means you can match your new shelves to your current décor.

Bookshelves Aren’t Just for Books!

A bookshelf is an incredibly versatile piece of furniture – it doesn’t need to be limited to housing books. In fact, you could use the bookshelves featured in the Basics range for a large number of things.

Shelving Units for DVDs CDs and LPs

For one, bookshelves work just as well for DVDs/CDs/LPs or whatever you like to collect and listen/watch. This gives you a wonderful way to display your collection in a way that will keep them safe and which is still easy for you to find what you’re looking for.

Or, if you collect something else, whether it’s pottery or action figures, your bookshelves are an ideal way to show off that collection.

If you’re very creative, you could even transform one of the lower bookshelves into a doll’s house for your child’s room. All you would need to do is add a top – such as from some wooden planks – then drill attach the bookshelf to the wall to make sure it’s sturdy and safe. Then just decorate the house using some wallpaper samples for the walls and add some dolls and furnishings. You’ll soon have yourself a beautiful doll’s house for a fraction of the price!

Whatever you’re looking for from a bookshelf, the Basics collection has something that is perfect for you.