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When black bedroom furniture is used correctly it can help to mould the shape and definition of the entire room. The use of the colour black within any décor opens up an entirely new range of possibilities in the bedroom, allowing you not only to alter the palette but the layout too. Whether you are thinking of changing the details of the master bedroom or redecorating a guest room, Price Crash Furniture have a wide selection available.

If you are looking something a bit different for the bedroom then black furniture is always a great way to creatively design a themed room. For example, the Steens New Stockholm Dark Coffee bed looks sleek and sophisticated and the black headboard enables you to contrast its bold shape against a vibrant red or lighter coloured wall immediately above it. You can accentuate the black frame further with a lighter duvet or bed cover which opens up the space around the bed.

One of the biggest benefits black bedroom furniture provides is low maintenance. This can be a god send for busy professionals or stay-at-home mums who don’t always have the time to wipe away any noticeable marks or scuffs on lighter coloured furniture. Lighter coloured furniture requires more work while the colour black has a timeless appeal that retains its strong shape with less wearing away of the material due to cleaning.

Buying black bedroom furniture takes a little more thought and consideration on the layout of the room to ensure you strike the right tonal balance. If you are only looking for one piece to make its mark, the Steens Baroque Style Bedside Table brings the refined elegance of the 17th and 18th century into the room. By positioning a small lighter coloured table lamp on top this will help to create gentle shading in the evening and bring out the rich textures of the wood itself.

For families or young couples thinking of designing a contemporary look for their home, black bedroom furniture is the ideal choice. Its neutral tone serves as a minimalist canvas that fits in well with uncluttered rooms. Fans of the monochrome look may only be interested in buying black bedroom furniture to complement white or cream elements. The addition of soft lighting can create a truly unique ambience that will make the bedroom one of the standout rooms in the house.

Everyone needs a place to pack away their towels and other smaller pieces of clothing, and if you want to keep the black furniture in the bedroom down to a minimum, the Terra 6 Drawer Chest Of Drawers is a smart choice. It’s a beautifully made piece of FSC certified pine furniture finished with charming brass handles that make it easy to open and close.

We’re confident that anyone looking for black bedroom furniture will find something to suit their home in our collection. At Price Crash Furniture we’ve got everything from traditional elegant pieces through to minimalist designs for a more modern feel. It’s the most comprehensive range of furniture anywhere online and it’s all in one, affordable and easy-to-find place.