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Decorative Boxes, Jars and Kitchen Jars

Our jars and boxes make great additions all over the home.

Storage jars and cannisters

From cute little storage jars, to large jars and cannisters perfect for storing tea, coffee, sugar, rice or pasta we have a great selection. Our sets of three coffee, tea and sugar jars make a great addition to any kitchen surface. These unique designs are not something you can pick up from your local supermarket, superstore or homeware shop - which means it is much easier to stand out from the crowd and have a piece that none of your friends and family will have seen before. We all love to hear "ooh that's nice, where is it from?!" We even have storage jars for vegetables such as onions - these vented breathable jars mean keeping your produce fresh is simple.

Decorative storage boxes

In small, medium and large sizes, our collection there is something for every need. From storing jewellery and trinkets, to key boxes, to boxes ideal for storing household paperwork. We even have an innovative clear fronted money box where you can watch your savings grow.

Decorative jars

We also have stunning decorative jars, such as our light-up faux butterfly jars, glass jars, postage stamp style jars, and animal shaped jars such as our lovely parrot jar - all designed to brighten up your home and look stunning on any wall shelf, bookcase, display cabinet or sideboard top surface.

The beautiful and unique designs of our decorative jars and boxes are ideal in any style of home. Whether your home and décor are traditional, rustic, modern, industrial, futuristic or harking back to yesteryear, there will be something in this decorative collection to lift your space. Complete your home, flat or apartment makeover with some gorgeous decorative items from the collection here at Price Crash Furniture. Don't forget it all comes with free delivery, so that's one less cost to worry about. Our quality pieces are built to impress and to last.

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