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From simple bunk beds to action-packed cabin beds, our epic range of children’s beds offers brilliant designs suitable for all ages and bedroom getups. Multifunctional, high quality and low priced, you’re sure to find your perfect bed at Price Crash Furniture.

If versatility is important to you, then why not choose a bed that can transform from single to bunk to cabin bed? Steens offers a range of extension kits that modify your Steen's For Kids Bunk Bed in to a mid-sleeper and also a single bed. An awesome idea for when your kid grows older and decides they want a more ‘grown up’ single bed, or for when siblings desire separate rooms.

For a truly epic bed then you must choose a mid-sleeper cabin design. These beds feature super fun features such as a slide, ladder and underneath space that can be transformed into a cool den.

Our high-sleeper cabin beds are fantastic for smaller spaces. The vast area below the deck can accommodate furniture, such as drawers and desks or can be used a fun play area. Plus, kids are thrilled at the thought of sleeping high up. Bedtime has never been so exciting!

Sharing siblings are spoilt for choice with our stylish bunk beds. In a choice of sleek styles and contemporary designs, the beds are suitable for boys or girls and match many types of bedroom décor.

In a range of gorgeous colours, our beds are sure to look stunning in your children’s bedroom. The bright white designs are wonderful for uplifting and adding a modern touch, whilst the natural shades add warmth and authenticity. Alternatively, choose a two tone, light and dark pine design to add dimension and interest.

At Price Crash Furniture we understand you want the best for your child, that’s why our beds are well-made, sturdy, reliable and high quality. Materials such as solid wood and pine ensure the beds are built to last and they are all easy to assemble.