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When shopping for the perfect TV furniture, it’s important to choose a design that is made to hold your size TV. It’s dangerous to try and balance a wide screen on a small unit, whilst on the other hand placing a small set on a large media cabinet will just look strange.

As well as size, the furniture must be sturdy and stable enough to hold all your technology and offer ample space for all your accessories, such as satellite boxes and game consoles.

That’s why we make our TV units easily searchable by colour, size or type. If you’re searching by size you’ve come to the right page. Measure what size TV you have then simply search using the left menu. We have stylish stands suitable for up to 37”, 50” and 85” screens that are available in an array of styles, colours and designs to suit all tastes.

If you have an impressive home entertainment system complete with a wide screen, Plasma TV, soundbars, speakers, T.V boxes and game consoles then we have a collection of ultra-modern media cabinets that beautifully organise, support and display all your technology.

For those who like to keep things simple, our minimal designs are perfect for creating a no-fuss, clean and chic vibe. Understated aesthetics, ultra-thin, floating shelves and curved corners help keep your television area neat and organised.

Our smaller TV stands are brilliant for those short on space, or as an extra stand for bedrooms. Despite being compact, these designs don’t compromise on functionality and many feature simple shelving, slim drawers or handy cupboards to store remotes and other gadgets.

We also have a selection of stunning corner units that make optimum use of space and are handy for smaller living areas.

Rustic woods, elegant clear/black glass and chromium colours, our TV furniture is available in a range of high quality and stylish materials to suit all types of interiors. As well as looking good, our stands are constructed to the highest standards using materials such as strong, solid hardwoods, tempered glass and damage resistant finishes.