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Once you switch to a double bed, there’s no going back. Whether you live alone, are married, or in a relationship, nothing beats the space and comfort of a double bed. Given how much time we spend during our lifetime in bed, finding the right one is important.

A good sleep improves our health and serves as a platform the rest of the day. There is nothing worse than waking up in the morning with a sore back, a stiff neck or just feeling tired. If you do, then that usually means it’s time to buy a new bed. If that is the case, Price Crash Furniture have every type of double bed you could dream of, making sure you get the best night’s sleep possible.

Size is always one of the first issues to address, especially if space is at a premium, for either single people or those with families. Double beds typically come in standard sizes of 135cm (w) by 190cm (l). If it is simply a case of replacing an existing bed, then worrying about the space isn’t an issue, allowing you to concentrate on the design and style to suit your décor. If you are moving into a new house or flat, then it is important to get the measurements right so you can plan the rest of the furnishings in the room.

Space is usually an issue in most households, even those who own larger homes. No matter how conservative you wish to be, over time, you find ways to fill out the empty gaps. So finding economical places for storage will always prove helpful. Storage beds offer great space saving opportunities for bedlinen and other related items in the bedroom. There are often choices between, two, four or even six under-bed draws, which then free up precious wardrobe space for your growing clothes collection. There are also alternative storage options that allow you to place large or bulkier items underneath the mattress itself.

Choosing a bed is of course about comfort, but getting the aesthetics right also play a big part. Opting for a headboard adds a touch of classic style that sets the bed as the centre piece of the bedroom and there are a number of different designs that can match the colour palette of your home.

Finding the right mattress, design, shape and size of the frame all have equal importance in their own respect. Some people will place more emphasis on some aspects over others because at the end of the day, buying a new bed is a personal decision, given how closely attached to it we become over time.

All of our double beds are made with the finest craftsmanship to ensure that we only supply the highest quality to our customers. Our buying teams keep a keen eye on the market so you can experience the best products and the lowest of prices. Our double beds are delivered to your door free of charge, which is just one of the reasons why so many customers return to Price Crash Furniture, their trusted bedroom furniture supplier.