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If there is one versatile piece of furniture, it’s a desk. It has a large number of uses, from being a wonderful place to write a letter, to a comfortable place to play video games. But how do you go about choosing the right desk for you?

Well that problem just got incredibly simple with our desk range, as every desk featured in the Function Plus range is both practical and affordable. This means that no matter what you want to use your desk for, each of the desks will work wonderfully. Even better, all of the desks in the range will easily fit into any room, meaning you can make the most of your space.

Here are just some of the ways a desk can be useful in your home:

Desks For Working from Home

If your job is flexible enough to allow you to work from home – whether that be once a week or more frequently – you need somewhere that you can work efficiently. Many of us think we can get as much work done sitting on the sofa with the television on as we would at the office. Unfortunately, procrastination usually wins in these situations, meaning your to-do list suffers!

Instead, you need a dedicated workspace with a desk. This will echo your work environment, meaning you get your work done quicker.

Desks For Children and Students

Education is incredibly important for our kids, especially when they reach those teenage years and start thinking about their future careers. Which is exactly why you should invest in a desk for your kids.

Having somewhere proper to do their homework and write any essays is a great way to keep them focussed. Each of the Function Plus desks would easily fit into a bedroom, so you don’t need a lot of spare space. Just make sure the games consoles are off when there’s work to be done!

These desks are also ideal for student accommodation. Many students can become guilty of trying to study on their beds (which can lead to sleeping problems) or find themselves relying on library opening times. Instead, by having a dedicated desk, they’ll have somewhere to work and store their material and stationery.

Desks and Tables For Crafters

Generally, desks are associated with computers and laptops. However, a desk has lots of uses, not just for using with a computer.

One such group of people is home crafters. Perhaps this is an artist, knitter, candlemaker or anything in-between. These days, many of us are taking up crafting for fun, and these hobbies often need somewhere dedicated to do this crafting.

This is where a desk becomes incredibly useful as it’s a flat surface that you can sit at and the desks from the Function Plus range all have drawers, ideal for storing away your creations when you’re not using them.

It doesn’t matter what you plan to use a desk for, each of these Function Plus desks will do the job wonderfully. Indeed, you could even use the same desk for multiple members of your family, who all want to use it for different reasons!